03 Launching New App

Take your vision from
concept to reality.

Ideas pop out every day, it may come in sketches or a prototype. We'll help you construct your MVP for a launch quickly. We have the speed and agility that it takes to build a business from scratch after years of working with high-growth businesses. We'll help build a prioritised product roadmap that can be used for your company to schedule sprints and future work.

Here are the ways we can help

I have worked in a specific industry for years, and I have an idea for how companies can do it better.

This is the perfect situation for us. We welcome your experience and insight in your business, and we deliver the same in the world of goods. We work side by side to develop a product for your current audience that will enhance the experience.

I have an idea for a new product, but it’s a little out there.

We are here to ensure that you are on the right track, building the app that is right for you. Our experts can help stress-test your idea, starting you off on the right step, and ensuring you're pursuing a feasible opportunity.

All I have right now is this idea. What’s next?

Building an impactful app requires the right and effective team. Tap into our network of experts that will establish an app that provides promising results.

I need the help, but I’m concerned about the cost.

Our business model is flexible. We use different debt/equity arrangements to make sure it works with your budget.


Over the course of the project,
typically 3-6 months,
our combined teams will:

01 Perform Customer Development

02 Conduct Market Research

03 Position Your App to Win

04 Identify a Compelling Business Model

05 Create a unique brand for your company

06 Build and Design your MVP

07 Assist with the Launch and Pitch



A digital route to women empowerment

A single interactive on-line neighbourhood that empower the women of Sarawak in entrepreneurship, with the first goal of “digitally remodelling the ladies of Sarawak” – the eWanita project. As a landmark platform for Sarawak’s women empowerment in digital age for a, It enabled the paving of e-commerce as a path in the direction of higher female empowerment in Sarawak. Female entrepreneurs were able to connect with each other in an online marketplace that promotes sustainable growth through the “click-and-mortar” model, stimulating growth in women’s quality of life and economic contribution by reducing the gap in digital access.


New era of intelligence for disaster preparedness.

A speedy and systemized integrated disaster platform which optimizes the entire disaster lifecycle from Preparedness to Recovery. It breaks down barriers and enables connectivity between government and people to information and resources critical for responders to quickly deliver and execute effective disaster response plan. This innovation has enabled the Sarawak State Government and its stakeholders develop a deeper and more real-time understanding of disasters, leading to faster, more efficient responses which ultimately supports the people during unprecedented times. Its cutting-edge technology creates an ecosystem which provides crucial information to government on how to act, prioritize and optimize response efforts and, via crowdsourcing, enhances situational awareness.

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