01 Design New System

Crafting a leading humanized
digital system.

Our design and development experts can help you construct your product to scale, whether it's a small internal app or a platform for millions of users. By challenging assumptions with a usercentric lens, we construct simple products for complex industries. In order to provide an experience that helps clients solve problems, we help clients translate complex requirements into easy-to-use products.

Here are the ways we can help

I already have a list of features for my system, but I need a team that can execute.

We will ensure that we are making the best system to cater for your users through testing and interviews. We help you build a plan and roadmap that can overcome the complexi- ties of changing priorities.

We have an in-house development team, but we’re looking for help with the design of our system.

We have a lot of experience working with in-house teams, collaborating with developers or supporting designers.

I have an idea, but I’m not sure what features make sense.

We begin with an intimate knowledge of the market and the user. It allows us to partner with you to recognise the concerns your system needs to fix, and the best ways to do it. We're going to help you move from a feature-first mentality to a holistic perspective of items.

Over the course of the project,
typically 3-6 months,
our combined teams will:

01 Create a prioritized system roadmap

02 Conduct user interviews and market research

03 Perform design work cycles

04 Perform usability testing

05 Train your team to utilize the system



Transforming Government Services

Enabling the government to transform relations with citizens, businesses and other arms of the government. This platform serves in many ends of the digital governance spectrum by allowing effective governance, better delivery of government services to citizens, improved interaction with businesses and industries and citizens empowerment through the access of


New era of intelligence for disaster preparedness.

A speedy and systemized integrated disaster platform which optimizes the entire disaster lifecycle from Preparedness to Recovery. It breaks down barriers and enables connectivity between government and people to information and resources critical for responders to quickly deliver and execute effective disaster response plan. This innovation has enabled the Sarawak State Government and its stakeholders develop a deeper and more real-time understanding of disasters, leading to faster, more efficient responses which ultimately supports the people during unprecedented times. Its cutting-edge technology creates an ecosystem which provides crucial information to government on how to act, prioritize and optimize response efforts and, via crowdsourcing, enhances situational awareness.

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