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Accelerate your strategic
planning process.

That one goal that you have in mind, we will help you to materialize that. We have the expertise to strategize and we focus on helping you in creating a lasting product that will become a leader in your field. Be it uncovering new insights and opportunities or value creation for your clients and business, you can leverage on our unique perspective to achieve excellence.

Here are the ways we can help

Build a product roadmap

We’ll help build a prioritised product roadmap that can be used for your company to schedule sprints and future work.

Strategic Point-of-view and Recommendations

We’ll present a strategic point-of-view on a specific topic with recommendations rele- vant to your organization.

Competitive Analysis

We’ll perform a review of the competitive landscape with a list of resources designed to make your product stand out.

Business Model Validation

We’ll carry out a thorough review of the dynamics of your business model to unlock future sales and maintain your most valuable clients.


Virtual Booth

Jabatan Wanita dan Keluarga Sarawak

What was previously just a concept was realized in collaboration with Jabatan Wanita dan Keluarga Sarawak during Sarawak's Woman's Day celebration. SOCOE redefined women empowerment in Sarawak during Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) by pushing the celebration to a wider audience than ever before with the virtual booth.

Sarawak Lorry Transport Association

Driving innovation to an age old industry


The Sarawak Lorry Transport Association which has more than 400 members is now able to stay connected via the platform which displays all their business information as well as allow members to interact with each other online. This partnership looks to improve and strengthen transportation services and through a digital standpoint.

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