02 System Optimisation

Focus, prioritize and transform
your system to stand out in the market.

You have to balance the needs of your team and existing clients with your future objectives when improving a system that is already on the market. To help you navigate the process, we are here to find fresh ways to break with convention and redefine a product, we bring an outside perspective. We identify key opportunities through a robust user interview process, in order to enhance and grow the product to better serve new and old users.

Here are the ways we can help

We have an existing technical platform. Can you work within it?

We have experience working with legacy technologies. We conduct a thorough technical audit, ensuring that we completely understand the technologies you are using, so that we can prepare and improvise accordingly.

We have a handful of big customers that drive our product roadmap. How do we proceed?

One of the most worthwhile things we do is to communicate with the existing users. This is the greatest source of perspective for us and it is going to help us see the possibilities. We can make the most impact by knowing their needs, your goals and what drives your company.

Some aspects of our product are working for us. Can we keep those in place?

We work well within your existing design systems and use our expertise to find ways to grow and adapt them for modern design standards.

Over the course of the project,
typically 3-6 months,
our combined teams will:

01 Perform a product audit

i Review product usability and user experience

ii Conduct customer interviews and industry deep-dive

iii Review existing analytics and set new targets

02 Create a prioritized product roadmap

03 Perform design work cycles

04 Perform usability testing

05 Handoff the product or develop it

enterSarawak - Digital Border Management System

Developed within 36 hours after the announcement of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, it serves as a touchless digital border management system that allows the Sarawak State Government to manage inbound and outbound traffic, the platform also serves as a single convenient touch point for the public to gain permission to enter the state from anywhere.

It is a web-based fully integrated system that allows Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to have complete control as well as monitor the comings and goings of the people in Sarawak. This includes short term entry into the state for transit passengers, flight crew, freight and shipping personnel as well as essential services staff.

This award-winning system was built with data interoperability in mind and is integrated seamlessly with i-Alerts to connect 30 over stakeholders of SDMC into a single platform to manage disasters more effectively.

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